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10 Tips for an Efficient Office Design

General Comments, Industry News September 3rd 2012

Designing an office layout isn’t as straight forward as just throwing some office desks and office chairs in a space. You have to think about creating the right atmosphere and ambiance, as well as creating a free flowing productive layout that conforms to all the building regulations including fire safety regulations. There has been much discussion over whether open plan offices are favoured to the old fashioned cubicle style offices, however below are a few tips that will benefit most office types.

The first thing that you want to think about is the amount of space that you leave between individuals. You want to leave enough space between each member of staff but not too much that they feel alienated. Also try to avoid placing workers next to toilets, noisy appliances or places as you want to ensure that staff morale is high to ensure a productive workforce.

Natural light is the best form of light that you can use in an office. A lack of natural light and natural air can make employees feel lethargic and apathetic and will affect productivity. Plants are a great addition to any office as they can increase oxygen levels and also offer extra visual stimulus that has been proven to help better the mood of a workforce.

Make sure that you include an adequate area for breaks to give staff an environment in which they can relax away from the office and recharge their batteries. One idea is to create a break room that looks completely different to the office, for example the colour scheme, to give staff a feeling that they are away from the office. You need to make sure that this area is as comfortable as possible so the inclusion of office sofas or easy chairs is a great addition to create an ambiance of not being at an office desk or on an office chair.

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