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Are you ready for the new term?

Teacher and children sat on faux leather tub chairs

Has everything been ordered?

With the new term upon us it is time again to take stock and make sure everything is in place for the year ahead. With so many things to think about we know it is easy to overlook a few, so we have put together a quick checklist of some of the less common things you might not have thought of.

1. Exam Desks

The exam period is fast approaching, have you checked to see if your current exam desks are fit to be used? Have you got enough tables to cope with the number of students?  Click here for our full range of exam desks.

2. Teacher Chairs

Have you checked that all staff chairs are in working order? Do they conform with the latest standards for health and safety and ergonomics? Click here to view our range of operator chairs or if you need more information take a look at our buyers guides or call us.

3. Storage

Have you got adequate storage in both the offices and class rooms? Is some of your current storage starting to look dated and becoming difficult or unsafe to use? Click here to view our range of storage or find out how you could save space and money by reading our buyers guide to storage.

4. Reception Areas

Does your current reception area give the right first impression? Is it helping you to attract potential students and staff or is it letting you down? One of the most overlooked areas is often the reception however this is normally the first area that is seen and sometimes the only area that is seen so it is important that your reception area creates a lasting memory for the right reasons. Click here to see our range of reception furniture or contact us with your requirements and let us do the work for you.

5. Classroom Chairs

We all know classroom chairs get a lot of use and abuse so need to be changed reguarly, but why not change them for something a bit different? We have a range of classroom chairs that are strong, durable and cheap, but are also interesting to look at, comfortable to sit on and will actually enhance the classroom. Click here to view our range of classroom chairs.

If you need any further help or information don't hesitate to contact us.

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